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All About Amy, the Creator of Lizzie Loves Learning

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Hello and welcome to the Lizzie Loves Learning website, blog and shop, thank you for finding us and I hope you find it useful.

I'm Amy, creator of Lizzie Loves Learning and Lizzie Loves Learning Magazine. I’m a thirty-something year old woman, artist, writer, educator, science and history geek, avid lipstick wearer, wife and mum of Lizzie and Rory. Due to the global pandemic, I spend all my time at home, in a small Yorkshire village where I devise various ways of coaxing my toddler down from great heights, home-schooling my four year old and providing 3 square meals and snacks a day for my fulltime working from home husband but is wasn’t always this way...:-P

I was a primary school teacher for 6 years before having my second child. I trained and worked hard and at first, I loved teaching, working with children every day (the banter alone was worth every minute) and thinking up new things to do, both inside and outside the classroom. The days at work flew by and to me, if you’re going to have to spend your time working for your money, you need to do something that you’re passionate about and enjoy. That being said, there were aspects that I disliked - all the marking, the increased pressure on both children and teachers to make progress and the detrimental effect this has on health and wellbeing as well as the hours spent working outside of the classroom which ate into the time that I spent with my daughter.

Although I was happy in my decision to leave and spend more time with my kids, I felt a bit lost. I love being at home but I’ve either been in work or education, my whole life and I needed something of my own to focus on. During the first lockdown in 2020, a few friends encouraged me to start an Instagram page, sharing the learning activities and ideas I do with my children at home. Having spent a few days thinking of a handle, Lizzie Loves Learning was born. Shortly after this, we decided to Home-school Lizzie during her EYFS year and defer her school place until the world was hopefully, a less uncertain place.

It was in planning and teaching topics for Lizzie at home that I found my passion again. Seeing her excited and curious to learn new things has shown me how sponge-like children are if you gain their interest and make learning something that is both fun and enjoyable. I’d not painted since I was art student and took up painting again at the end of last summer. I started sketching and painting the things we were learning about, often with Lizzie sat painting by my side whilst Rory napped. It gave us time to chat and talk about what we were learning about as well as talking about our feelings around what was happening in the world. I spent evenings mulling over how I could use my experience and everything I learned last year to help others, especially with the pressure on for everyone to learn more at home. Having had a few ideas, the learning magazine was/is my favourite. Each issue covers a topic and is packed full of facts, puzzles, games, craft ideas, maths/science and more, all alongside my water colour paintings.

Being a parent is both utterly amazing and truly difficult. My daily stories on social media show this :-D I, as a parent, want fun, accessible and easy things to do with my children at home. Things that both teach and entertain. I really hope that’s where Lizzie Loves Learning and the magazine come in.

The Lizzie Loves Learning Instagram, Facebook and website will not just be home to the shop and the magazine but also to lots of free and easy learning ideas for you to do with your children at home. Whether you read, like, follow, share or buy something, thank you for joining my journey. I really hope that I can develop this into a lovely home-grown, small business that helps others and supports my little Yorkshire family.

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